Batch Edit Borrowers 

You may want to batch edit student accounts when you are moving a group to a different grade or homeroom. This allows you to edit large groups of students at one time rather than individually.

Open Horizon

Open “Batch Edit My Borrowers” in the Navigation Pane. 

You can choose which indexes you want to search by. 

For schools, you may want to update students’ grades or homerooms.

In this example, we will search for all students who have a graduation year of 2021. Click “Search.”

Click “Sort…” to organize your search. 

In this example, we will organize by homeroom. Click “OK”. 

To change those students’ grades and homerooms, select all of the students in one homeroom. 

Click “Edit”. A pop-up window will read “Do you wish to make a batch change to all selected records?” Click “OK”. 

We will change this group of students’ grade from 11 to 12. Click “Save” and “Close” at the bottom of the screen.