ILS Migration

ILS Vendor Demos

These demos will be recorded for those who cannot attend live. 

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Equinox - Evergreen ILS

Wed, June 12  |  9am - 1pm  |  Virtual

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Access Code: 380-687-341

United States: +1 (571) 317-3116 

Bywater - Koha ILS

Thu, June 13  |  12pm - 4pm  |  Virtual


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 Meeting ID: 840 9616 1557

Passcode: 300625

SirsiDynix - Symphony ILS

Tue, June 18  |  9am - 12pm  |  Virtual


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Meeting ID: 933 8920 5323

III - Polaris ILS 

Thu, June 20  |  9am - 4pm  |  In person at SELCO & Virtual

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III Zoom Meeting Morning

Morning Session 9:00am - 12:30pm

Meeting ID: 834 0990 5574

Passcode: 538672

III Zoom Meeting Afternoon

Afternoon Session 12:30pm - 4:00pm

Meeting ID: 869 6269 5255

Passcode: 541766

Frequently Asked Questions 

ILS Migration - Need to Know

Due to rising costs, SELCO is seeking a new Integrated Library System (ILS) to replace Horizon, which was implemented in 2003. This project is underway as of March 2024 and will be complete by the end of May 2025. The new modern and streamlined ILS will reduce costs, enhance user experience, and improve operational efficiency.

Why Is a New ILS Necessary?

Libraries today have many more services beyond the ILS they must provide to their communities. While a circulating collection of materials remains a foundational service of the library industry, those other services require resources historically given to the ILS. Shifting to an ILS that requires fewer resources, particularly time and money, will keep the ILS at a foundational and sustainable level for libraries and SELCO moving forward and provide capacity for innovation. 

What Are the ILS Costs?

Between two funding streams, the ILS currently costs over 600k a year to maintain the status quo. A third of this cost is vendor fees, and two-thirds are SELCO staff requirements. Vendor costs and staffing requirements will decrease with a more modern and streamlined software system, freeing up SELCO's staff capacity to innovate and passing on savings to participating libraries, who can use those resources to serve their communities. 

Why Not Just Update Horizon? 

Since SirsiDynix Horizon's implementation at SELCO in 2003, the vendor supporting the software has changed, development and progress have slowed, and the needs of the participating libraries have changed considerably. SirsiDynix’s mishandling of issues with the SOLUS app and lack of communication to libraries is a prime example. 

When Was This Decision Made?

This project was approved on March 1, 2024 by SELCO Executive Director Krista Ross (per the recommendation of SELCO Advisory Committee and SELCO staff). At the December 2023 Advisory Committee meeting, most member libraries requested modern, updated software. Many of the directors in the region have also expressed a desire to move to updated software in conversation with SELCO staff. 

What’s Involved in an ILS Migration?

The ILS Migration involves selecting a new ILS and discovery layer. The project includes peripheral ILS and discovery layer software, SIP & NCIP licensing, interoperability, web services with 3rd party vendors such as Overdrive & Communico and enhanced discovery layer features.

What Will We Gain with This Change?

Procuring a new comprehensive ILS will allow the region to modernize and streamline library services, allowing for cost and resource savings. By implementing a hosted web-based ILS solution, SELCO will enhance user experience, improve operational efficiency, and empower member libraries to serve their communities better, aligning with SELCO's mission of collaborative engagement and future-driven library services.

The new software will meet the current expectations of internet-savvy patrons, including features such as SMTPS email capability, patron self-registration, auto-renewal of items, and other features expected in our internet technology age. 

What is the Project Timeline?

The ILS Selection Process is scheduled to be complete by the end of August 2024. Part 2 of this process will be the ILS Migration implementation plan with dates and milestones agreed upon with new ILS Vendor, things such as data extraction and conversation and training will be part of that timeline and added onto here when known

Where Can I Find More Information?

Project updates will be stored here as well as any documents, such as the RFP and Project Scope and Summary.  SELCO will be communicating updates via email, explainer documents, video, online meetings, and library visits. 

If you have any questions along the way, please send a help desk message, which will get to the appropriate staff person for response.