Chrome Update - Cannot Launch Citrix

Google rolled out an update on their browser. It's not recognizing the Citrix client anymore. Here are the steps to fix this: 

1 - Once logged in on the web page, click on your username at the top right, then click on <Change receiver>

2 - It will force the Google Chrome browser to re-detect the Citrix client. Unfortunately, Google has changed something and it will NOT recognize your Citrix client anymore if you use an older version than the latest Citrix workspace.

3 - So you have to manually tell the browser that you have it already installed by clicking <Already Installed>

4 - Then you are ready to use Horizon again. However, when you click on the Horizon icon, it will not open Citrix directly, it will download a file at the bottom of the screen, and you have to manually open it from there.

NOTE: If you want to avoid this issue, please upgrade to the latest Citrix client found here :