Citrix Lite Mode

Typically when this happens it is because Citrix / Horizon is running in light mode and not full Citrix mode. To check, you can see if Horizon is running in a browser tab instead of its own window. 

For an instructional video, see the SELCO How Tos - Change Citrix Lite.

The following steps can usually fix this issue:

Log into the Citrix Web Interface

In the top right corner you will see a cog icon, click the arrow next to it and choose Account Settings

Choose "Change Citrix Workspace app" near the bottom 

Select "Detect Citrix Workspace app”

On the pop up, check the “Always allow” checkbox and choose "Open Citrix Workspace Launcher"

Click on APPS in the top center of the screen, to return to the main window

Try launching Horizon again, this time it should launch in its own window

If this does not fix your issue and you continue to have problems, please contact the Help Desk for further assistance.